Adipurush Review: Emphasis on VFX, weak on emotions!

Adipurush Review : Om Raut’s Adipurush was eagerly awaited as people were very keen to see Prabhas in the role of Ram. There was also curiosity about how the story of Tretayug is shown in the era of VFX.

Ramanand Sagar’s serial Ramayana has deeply entered the Indian public. During that time the technology was not very advanced. Despite that, Ramanand Sagar had depicted it in the best way in limited resources. The situation was such that people used to touch their feet and become emotional after seeing Arun Govil and Deepika Chikhaliya as Ram and Sita .

In fact, Ramanand left no stone unturned to immerse the audience in the ocean of devotion. This is the reason why serials made on ‘Ramayana’ did not become so popular after that. After a long time, Om Raut has made the film ‘Adipurush’ on the story of Ram. This era is equipped with modern technology. Now things which are not possible to shoot, it is easy to make them through visual effects.

Adipurush Review

Om Raut’s film has been made using a lot of technology. Here Raghav ( Prabhas ) is in the role of Lord Ram and his better half Sita i.e. Janaki ( Kriti Sanon ). ‘Haryanant Katha’ is the same here also, only it is not the complete Ramayana. Here the war incident has been taken from Ramayana, that is, this film is after Lord Shriram’s exile till Sita’s abduction and Ravana’s slaughter.

What is the story of Prabhas’s Ramayana?

Aarambh begins with a graphic representation of Raghav leaving Ayodhya with his wife Janki and younger brother Shesh (Sunny Singh). During this, ‘Ram Siya Ram Siya Ram Jai Jai Ram’ filled with devotion starts playing in the background. Starting with the hope of diving into the ocean of devotion, the film focuses on the might of Raghav.

It is purely shot inside the studio. The lack of having any live location is quite frustrating. Some scenes of the film remind of Hollywood movies. Especially when Sugriva joins Raghav to fight with Bali.

How is Adipurush?

Ravana’s Lanka is depicted in light like the world of Marvel movies. Lanka, which is said to be of gold, is seen in black-blue colour. The visual effects of this film of about three hours have not become effective. There is not much dialogue in the film either.

The dialogues written by Manoj Muntashir are improvised. While listening to them, it seems that the dignity of the language has been completely destroyed. The use of technology in this is so much that at some places it starts giving the impression of an animation film. The song seems inappropriate to depict the love of Raghav and Janaki in the film.

This story shows the victory of good over evil, but the film fails to convey those sentiments clearly. Ravana’s pain towards Lankabhedi Vibhishana is not reflected anywhere. The fight scene at the end is very long. It reminds me of Hollywood movies.

How is the acting of the actors?

Among the actors, Prabhas looks powerful because of his stature. He has tried to make the character believable. Sharad Kelkar ‘s voice works to support his character. Raghav and Shesh’s relationship seems flat. Similarly, Bajrang’s ( Devdutt Nage ) devotion towards Raghav in the form of Bajrang Bali fails to make the audience emotional.

Saif Ali Khan ‘s look as Ravana was severely criticized. Although, no change has been seen in him, but one thing about his character was very interesting and that is the filming of his ten heads. Due to modern technology, these ten heads are not in a straight line. It was interesting to see how they interact with each other.

Om has established the character of Ravana in the best way. Saif Ali Khan has got opportunities to showcase his talent here as well. Kriti Sanon as Janaki looks beautiful, but there is no strong dialogue from her part. Since everyone is aware of Ramayana. In such a situation, the scene of Janki’s meeting with Bajrang in Ashok Vatika should have been exciting, but the writer and director have missed it there.

Vatsal Seth plays the role of Ravana’s son Indrajit . Composed by Sanchit and Parampara, ‘Ram Siya Ram’ is melodious. Adipurush , made on the lines of Marvel films, is made in the language style of the current generation. In the end, the story does not celebrate the celebration of good over evil in a proper way. However, on Om’s insistence the makers have reserved a seat for Hanuman ji in the cinema hall. She was the center of attraction for everyone in the theatre.

Cast: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon , Saif Ali Khan, Devdutt Nage, Sunny Singh, Vatsal Seth

Duration: 179 minutes

Director: Om Raut

star: two



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