Extraction 2 Review: Tyler’s fight becomes personal, Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction 2’ tops on the action front

Extraction 2 Movie Review The second part has more action and thrill than the first. Although the story is flat but the action sequences have bridged this shortcoming. Chris Tyler is in full color and takes Extraction 2 to a different level.

Chris Hemsworth ‘s action thriller film ‘Extraction 2’ has been released on Netflix. After the 2020 film ‘Extraction’, fans were waiting for its sequel. Joe Russo, best known for Marvel’s Avengers films, has been given a story credit

Anthony and Joe Russo previously created the spy series Citadel for Prime Video, starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden. The filmmaker duo is known for making high octane action films.

The action level has gone up in ‘Extraction 2’ and this time the story has also become more emotional than before, because this time the issue is related to Tyler’s family. In terms of star cast too, ‘Extraction 2’ has grown as compared to earlier. James Bond fame Olga Kurylenko and Idris Elba have entered. 

Extraction 2 Review

What is the story of ‘Extraction 2’?

The story of ‘Extraction 2’ begins afresh. Tyler Rake sets out to rescue his ex-wife’s sister, Keetvan, and her children, who are being held in the world’s most dangerous prison by her gangster husband, Davitt Radiani . Davitt is killed in the process, leaving his brother Zurab in search of Tyler for revenge. 

How Entertaining Is ‘Extraction 2’?

The 2 hour 3 minute film begins with Tyler admitted to the hospital, recovering and very weak. Tyler ‘s partner Nick Khan is taking care of him.

He gets a new mission, through which he gets a chance to understand Tyler’s character more, this time with action. In this sequence, the film travels to Dubai, Georgia and Austria.

Tornike Gorichiani has done an excellent job in the character of Zurab Nagaji . His cruelty in this character creates Saharan. Chris manages to leave a mark in both the emotional and action scenes. The story mainly focuses on these characters.

About 20 minutes of action scenes and fight scenes in the jail arouse different thrills. Gulfateh’s character has become more important in this part as compared to the first part.

In the case of ‘Extraction 2’ plot, necessity outweighs, as it is a flat story, which does not have many twists, but on the front of action, the first part is heavy. In action films, if there is a tadka of emotional story, then it becomes a matter. Extraction 2 succeeds on this front.

Starcast : Chris Hemsworth, Gulshifteh Fahmani, Adam Bessa, Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Bernhardt etc.

Director- Sam Hargrave

Duration- 123 Minutes

Rating – Three

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