Gama Pehlwan Biography, Height, Workout, Diet, Family & more

Gama Pehlwan Biography, Height, Workout, Diet, Family & more – There are many wrestler across the world. But Google has honored him on his birthday by making a doodle ( Great Gama Google Doodle) . I am talking about Gama Pehlwan, a great wrestler who brought laurels to India. Today is his 144th birthday, on this occasion Google has honored him in its own special way. Gama Pehlwans were known for their diet and workouts. He used to do more than 1000 pushups and 5000 situps in a day. He also participated in the World Wrestling Championship and has also won many titles. So in today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Gama Pehlwan Biography.

Gama Pehlwan

Gama Pehlwan Biography

Real Name Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt
Ring name Gama Pehlwan
Other names  Rustum-e-Hind, Rustum-e-Zaman, The Great Gama
Date Of Birth 22 May 1878
Birthday (Gama Pehlwan Birthday) May 22
Place of Birth Jabbowal, Amritsar
Age 82 years
Religion Islam
Date of Death 23 May 1960
Place Of Death Lahore, Pakistan
Death Cause Asthma and heart disease
Business Former indian wrestler
Caste Cashmere
Nationality Indian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Languages Hindi, Punjabi
Marital status married
Weight 113 kg
Length 5 feet 7 inches

Who Is Gama Pehlwan

Gama Pehlwan‘s real name is Ghulam Mohammad Bakhsh Butt. And he was a famous wrestler of India. He was also known as Rustum-e-Hind. Gama Pehlwan has not lost any wrestling till date, even Bruce Lee was very impressed by him. Gama Pehlwans were well known for their diet and exercise. He has defeated many wrestlers abroad. His last fight was in 1927 with Sweden’s wrestler Jess Peterson.

Gama Pehlwan Birth, Family

Gama Pehlwan was born on 22 May 1878 in Jabbowal village of Amritsar. His real name was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt. Some people say that he was born in Datia, Madhya Pradesh. His father’s name was Muhammad Aziz Baksh and he was also a wrestler. Gama Pehlwan was very fond of wrestling since childhood, so he started wrestling at the age of 10. He learned the initial tricks of wrestling from his father only. After the death of his father, Datia, Madhya Pradesh King Bhawani Singh gave many facilities to Gama Pehlwan to do wrestling. At an early age, he used to defeat even the biggest wrestlers in wrestling. And slowly went on making his name famous in India. But during the partition of India and Pakistan, Gama Pehlwan had moved to Lahore, Pakistan with his family.

Gama Pehlwan

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Gama Pehlwan Career

At an early age, Gama Pehlwan learned the tricks of wrestling. Due to his young age, he used to defeat many of the biggest wrestlers of India. There was no such wrestler who could defeat Gama. In the year 1895, India’s biggest wrestler Rahim Bakhsh Sultaniwala (Indian wrestler world champion) whose height was 6 feet 9 inches had a fight with him. This wrestling was equal but Rahim Bakhsh lost in this wrestling and Gama Pehlwan won. Gama Pehlwan got fame after this great fight.

After defeating the wrestlers of India for 15 years, in the year 1910, Gama Pehlwan thought of doing one hand with foreign wrestlers. And went to Britain to participate in the International Wrestling Championship with his brother Imam Bakhsh. Due to his short height (5 feet 7 inches), he could not become a part of the International Wrestling Championship. But he did not give up and started openly challenging wrestlers in Britain for a fight. He claimed that he can defeat any wrestler in 30 minutes. But no one accepted his challenge.

Gama Pehlwan challenged Britain’s big wrestlers Frank Gotch and Stanislaus Jevsko and said that if you defeat me, I will give money as a reward and go back to my home. The first American wrestler to accept Gama Pehlwan’s challenge was Benjamin Roller. Gama Pehlwan slammed Benjamin Roller in 9 minutes 10 seconds. And on the second day he defeated 12 more wrestlers and thus got entry into the International Wrestling Championship tournament.

On September 10, 1910, at the John Bull World Championship in London, there was a fight between Gama Pehlwan and world champion Stanislaus Jevsko, and Gama Pehlwan got washed away in a few minutes and Gama Pehlwan won the match. On 17 September 1910, a rematch between Javisco and Gama was scheduled to take place but Javisco did not turn up at the arena and Gama was declared the winner.

Gama Pehlwan also challenged Bruce Lee. When Bruce Lee met Gama Pehlwan for the first time, he was also very impressed, seeing which Bruce Lee learned ‘The Cat Stretch’ from Gama Pehlwan, which is a type of push-ups based on yoga.

The year 1927 was the last fight of Gama Pehlwan. His match was with Sweden’s wrestler Jess Peterson. Gama Pehlwan defeats Jess Peterson in no time.

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Diet of Gama Pehlwan

The weight of Gama Pehlwan was about 113 kg and the length was 5 feet 7 inches. Gama Pehlwan was a native of the village. He used to eat 6 indigenous chickens and drink 10 liters of milk daily. A special kind of drink was also included in his diet, which was made from 300 grams of almonds. Apart from this, half a kilo of ghee and 100 rotis were also called.

Workout of Gama Pehlwan

Gama Pehlwan used to do 5000 sit-ups and 3000 push-ups daily. Apart from this, Daly used to wrestle with 40 wrestlers. Apart from this, daily Gama Pehlwans used to run away by tying a 54 kg stone around their neck. Along with this, Gama had also made a heavy dumbbell which was probably difficult for anyone to lift. On December 23, 1902, Gama Pehlwan lifted a 1200 kg stone kept in the Baroda Museum in Sayajibagh.

Gama Pehlwan Awards

Gama Pehlwan won the World Heavyweight Championship in the year 1990 and the World Wrestling Championship in the year 1927. After the World Wrestling Championship, he was awarded the title of ‘Tiger’. During the visit of Prince of Wales to India in the year 1921, a silver mace was presented to Gama Pehlwan.

Gama Pehlwan Death

Gama Pehlwan was suffering from heart disease and asthma related illness for many days. His condition was gradually deteriorating. Along with this, he also had to face financial crisis. To emerge from this, he had even sold all his medals. He died on 23 May 1960 in Lahore at the age of 82 due to prolonged illness.  

Conclusion : – So in today’s article, you have come to know about the life introduction of Gama Pehlwan (Gama Pehlwan Biography) .


Q: Who is the biggest wrestler in India?
Ans: Gama Pehlwan

Q: Who is the most powerful wrestler of India?
Ans: Gama Pehlwan

Q: What was the dose of Gama Pehlwan?
Ans: 6 native chicken, 10 liters of milk, 300 grams of almonds, half a kilo of ghee and 100 rotis

Q: How many kilos of stone was lifted by Gama Pehlwan?
Ans: On December 23, 1902, a 1200 kg stone kept in the Baroda Museum at Sayajibagh was lifted.

Q: Who is the strongest among Dara Singh Gama Pehlwans?
Ans: Gama Pehlwan

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