How to make a boat out of paper? The instruction will help to do the work easily and quickly

Do you want to learn the technique of origami? For example, you can start with the proposed description of how to make a boat out of paper. The instruction in this article will help to make this very simple product very quickly. Schemes clearly demonstrate the entire process of work.


How to make a boat out of paper

The first stage – the folding of the product

The following is a detailed description of how to make a boat out of paper. The instruction is proposed in the form of step-by-step numbered steps, each of which corresponds to the next picture presented on the general plan.

1. Place a sheet of A4 paper in front of you so that the short sides of the rectangle are on the sides. Fold it in half at the designated punch and roll the workpiece 90 degrees to the left.

2. To make a smaller and denser product, you can repeat the previous paragraph, acting in a similar way. The result is a paper envelope consisting of four layers.

3. Rotate the workpiece so that the fold is on the upper horizontal line. Take the two upper corners and fold them into the middle puncture. Stroke the lines with a ruler, navigating the location of the sheet, to create a clear contour of the future ship.

4. The free space remaining at the bottom of the workpiece should be divided horizontally by a dashed line. Wrap one of the other parts in the direction of the arrow – up.


How to make a boat out of paper
How to make a boat out of paper

How to make a paper boat: instructions on the final formation of the product

5. Repeat the fourth paragraph, making two tube-like folds that will be placed on the main product.

6. Lift the middle part towards you and at the same time pull the sides of the boat.

7. Wrap the workpiece 90 degrees around its axis. It will look like a diamond with two solid sides at the top and two loose ones at the bottom.

8. Mark with a dotted line for the fold.

9. Turn the corners down and repeat the sixth point, turning the product over.

10. Fold the free bottom space up, combining with the lateral triangle parts.

11. Gently pull the paper folds around the edges, away from each other.

Is it not possible to describe how to do it? Paper ship? The instruction will help to perform the work easily even for younger schoolchildren. Using material with the necessary proportion parameters, you can create products of various sizes – from the smallest to the largest.

How to fold a boat out of paper and then decorate it: an improved version

Based on the proposed description, you can think of an infinite number of numbers and others. There are step-by-step schemes, thanks to which various mini-ships are obtained. One of the most popular models is a boat made of paper with a boat. But if you have not yet become an ace in the technique of origami, then you can improve the product obtained according to the instructions described above. To do this, cut out the sail from the finishing material and fix it on a long wooden stick, piercing it in two places. With a paper cloth it will be a “pole” and an improvised decoration of the boat. Place the stick on the penetrating part in the middle, make the very middle hole. To make the structure more stable, pull tight threads from the nose to the stem through the extreme part of the sail. You can also fix the stick with tape on the back, turning the boat upside down. and, of course, Don’t forget about the bright flag that you need to attach at the very top. The spring baby boat is ready for swimming!

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