How to make flowers from paper? 3 Easy ways to make a Rose

1. Rose from colored paper

The first version of making a rose is the simplest. To understand how to make flowers out of paper, you need to take a pencil, scissors and a sheet of glue in the color you need. First, on the workpiece, in a spiral, starting from the center, ending with the edges, draw a wavy line with a pencil. The picture resembles a snail. Then cut along the line to get a wavy strip of paper. Now it remains to wrap our workspace on a pencil from beginning to end. Then we remove the pencil, slowly holding the base of the rose. Bud fix, dripping glue into its base. You can make a beautiful stalk of wire wrapped in green paper.

how to make flowers from paper

2. Corrugated Paper Rose

There are other available and understandable options forcreating charming bouquets. You just need to show a little creativity and imagination. If you are looking to make paper flowers look more natural, then try another option for making a rose. To design the Queen of Flowers, we will need corrugated paper, scissors, toothpicks and glue. First you need to make paper blanks. To do this, cut off a roll strip equal in width to the petals of the future rose. Then we add bandage several times. The result should be a rectangle, the length of which will be equal to the height of the petals. Now cut the corners off our rectangle to make a petal-like shape. As a result, We will get several identical blanks for the bud. Each petal now needs to be bent with a toothpick at the base and beautiful bends are formed to make the flower more natural. Now it remains to figure out how to make flowers out of paper. To do this, each petal is attached in a circle to the bent ends, tied and glued together. Now you can stick another green leaf on the base and wrap it with wire and insert the wire.

corrugated roses

3. Napkin Rose

Considering the third option, you will be surprised at whatyou can make a bouquet of roses. It turns out that it is enough to have a regular napkin at hand. To make an original craft, the napkin must first be completely unfolded. Now take the napkin by one edge and make a few turns around the finger. Then bend one corner, forming petals. The receiving tube is clamped in the middle. From the lower part of the napkin we make a stem, rolling it into a tube, and from the upper part – a beautiful bud, we fix the petals. The original rose that can decorate the festive table is ready.

from which you can make a bouquet

Now you know three types of how to make flowers out of paper. Knowing how to design original roses, you can delight your loved ones with a nice and pleasant birthday present.

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