Kandahar Movie Review: Gerard Butler and Ali Fazal’s ‘Kandahar’ is a hardcore action film, don’t find the story

Kandahar Movie Review : Kandahar is directed by Rick Roman Waugh, known for films like Angel Has Fallen and Greenland. Gerard has also co-produced as well as starred. The story is set in Iran.

‘Kandahar’ starring Gerard Butler and Ali Fazal has also joined the list of action and spy films on the digital platform . Gerard is also associated with the film as a producer. The film has come on Prime Video.

What is the story of ‘Kandahar’?

The story of the film starts from Iran. America does not want Iran to increase its nuclear power. So he sends his CIA agent Tom Harris (Gerard Butler) on a mission to Iran. Tom escapes by planting a bomb in the secret nuclear research plant there. Tom’s personal life is also in turmoil. He is about to get divorced from his wife.

Kandahar Movie Review

After completing this mission, he is about to go to his daughter’s graduation ceremony. Before returning home, his CIA operative Roman ( TRAVIS FILM ) asks him to go on another mission in Afghanistan. For this he gives him money on demand. Tom agrees to go on a mission to get money for his daughter’s education.

There Mohammed alias Mo ( Navid Negban ) is sent as his translator . Tom has to enter Iran via the Afghan territory of Herat. Many countries already have agents in Herat. The face of Tom responsible for blasting the nuclear plant is shown on the news channel.

Along with the Iranians, ISI agent Kahil Naseer ( Ali Fazal ) also sets out to capture Tom. Tom now has to reach Kandahar, from where his team can extract him. Will he be successful in this? The film progresses on this.

How is the screenplay and acting?

This film by Rick Roman Wa , who has directed films like Angel Has Fallen , Greenland , has met all the standards made for international commercial films, including unseen locations, tremendous action , chase scenes, visual effects, But when it comes to the story, the film becomes very weak there.

Very fast, many characters go on joining the film one after the other. In such a situation, remembering all the characters with their names, knowing their intentions, the audience will also have to be alert in connecting them with the story.

The film has been shot in AlUla city of Saudi Arabia. Cinematographer McGregor has to be praised, who shot this action film in the desert.

The gunfight scene between Ali and Gerard is also tremendous. Many issues like the infiltration of Taliban in Afghanistan and the condition of Afghan families living there because of them, ban on girls’ education, protection of women’s freedom have been superficially ended only in dialogue.

An emotional conversation between a suffering Afghani and a CAI agent facing first the US Army and then the Taliban shows a side of humanity that no one thinks about in an atmosphere of tension and war. Some scenes of the film have been shot in deep darkness, for which eyes have to be fixed on the screen.

Speaking of acting, Gerard Butler’s experience is also reflected in his character, who is dedicated to his mission, brave as well, but deep down he is very gentle with his family.

Ali Fazal, who has done Hollywood films like Victoria and Abdul , Furious 7, has understood the tone of international films. He suits the negative role. Iranian-American actor Navid Negahban makes a mark in emotional scenes.

Starcast: Gerard Butler, Ali Fazal, Navid Negaban, Travis Fimal etc.

Director: Rick Roman or

Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Rating: Two

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