The great incident of Mari Selvaraj…! Maamannan Movie (2023) Review

Maamannan Movie Review- 

Mari Selvaraj had spoken at the release of Mamannan Music that this Mamannan is the music from the  film Devar Magan . Kamal Haasan had congratulated the film yesterday as this film has released. Kamal Haasan had tweeted that congratulations for the film Mamanna, which has the same principle as him, where all human beings live as equals . Similarly Mari Selvaraj and Udayanidhi Stalin both posted separate messages thanking Kamal Haasan.


Many people went to the theater to see if Mamannan’s film is actually as good as Devarmagan’s. Did the film satisfy them? What do they think of the film?

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Maamannan Review in Tamil released on June 29th and directed by Mari Selvaraj starring actor Udayanidhi Stahl is given here. Maamannan Movie Story, Actors, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Music, Review, Reception Maamannan Review, Udhayanithi stalins, Direction, DOP, Music, Celebration etc. will also be found here. Launched by Red Giant Movies, this film starred Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Keerthy Suresh and others.

All the songs of this movie with music by AR Rahman were on another level.

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Maamannan Rating in Tamil

8 / 10

Maamannan Trailer


Maamannan OTT Release Date & Digital Streaming Rights Maamannan OTT Release Date & Digital Streaming Rights

Actors and Technicians Cast & Crew

Movie Mamannan (2023)
Language Tamil
Release Date 29 June 2023
Director Mari Selvaraj
Producer Udayanidhi Stalin
Screenplay Mari Selvaraj
Story Mari Selvaraj
Starring Udayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Keerthy Suresh
Music AR Rahman
Production Company Red Giant Movies


How is the picture of Mamannan? Twitter Information | Maamannan Padam Eppadi Irukku ? Twitter Review

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#Vadivelu & #FahadhFaasil Shine👌

#UdhayanidhiStalin & #KeerthySuresh are good too✌️

Making is effective✌️

#ARRahman’s BGM🔥

Direction is on the point👍

Some scenes work very well👌

Writing Works👍

2nd Half Waiting✌️



How is the picture of Mamannan? | Maamannan Padam Eppadi Irukku ?

A good hunt for those who want to watch Vadivelu’s performance. Vadivelu’s character throughout the film and Bahad Basil’s character as the villain make the fans see them as one of their family. The question of whose symbol Bahat Basil stands for comes up in every scene.

The song sequences of the film are superbly shot and edited. AR Rahman’s beat-friendly editing is satisfying. The cinematography reflects Mari Selvaraj’s thoughts.

Mari Selvaraj has messed up the story telling. But in the screenplay, he has drawn again as usual. The screenplay is not written for the film but for his politics. But Vadivelu and Bahad Basil carry the story.

Although Udhayanidhi has an important role, he has given space to the other two and he has said that he will act as well. Udhayanidhi, who has been seen since the first film, can see a big improvement in her performance.

They squeeze us by putting us in scenes where they cry that they are showing politics. It makes us ask ourselves why certain scenes appear in the film and then follow. But overall the film is satisfying. 10 to 15 minutes may be chopped off or a song may be shortened. If the focus was mainly on the second half, the film would still have turned out great.

Three important reasons to watch the film

  • Shape up
  • Bahad Basil
  • AR Rahman

It was seen that many people were saying that Mamannan movie is similar to the story of Devarmagan Isaki, and when the two are not related to each other, it was said for the promotion of the film.

Mamannan Synopsis | Maamann Story Explained

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Maamannan OTT Release Date Maamannan OTT Release Date

The movie was released on June 29. The upcoming OTT Date Release date is expected to be streaming on Netflix’s OTT platform.

Theatrical Release Date : June 29, 2023

Satellite Ownership : Kalaingar TV | Artist TV

Digital Rights : Netflix

OTT Date Release: Not Confirmed

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Has Mamannan been released? 

Yes. Mamannan movie has released in theatres.

Is Mamannan a hit? Fail? 

Mamannan movie is getting good response from fans.

Who is the director of Mamannan? 

Mari Selvaraj Mamannan directed the movie. The movie has done well under his direction. It is getting good reception.


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