What is Uniform Civil Code: Know Disadvantages and Advantages

What is Uniform Civil Code:  Friends, as you all know that the ongoing Uniform Civil Code is the subject of discussion! All the political parties are presenting their views on this. Some parties are in support of it and some are against it. Due to which this issue is becoming more highlighted! 

This Uniform Civil Code has started from the year 1867 AD. Which has been implemented in the state of Goa in 1876 AD! It is also known as Uniform Civil Code. Its mention is seen in Part 4 and Article 44 of the Indian Constitution! With its arrival, equality will also be seen among people.

Uniform Civil Code works to bind people of all religions together. This applies to all religions! There is no Uniform Civil Code for any political party or any one religion. If it is implemented in India, peace and security will be maintained in the whole country.

Why in discussion on Uniform Civil Code?

At present, Uniform Civil Code is going on in a lot of discussion all over India. Uniform Civil Code means Uniform Civil Code! Whatever law is implemented from this, it will be implemented on all religions, which will bring equality among people. This topic has been in dispute since the beginning. It has been implemented only in the state of Goa. That’s why some political parties are in support of it. And some are against it too! Because of which Uniform Civil Code is going on in discussion.

What is Uniform Civil Code 

Uniform Civil Code
Uniform Civil Code

Uniform Civil Code is called Uniform Civil Code as is being shown by the name! Same rules should be applied for all the citizens. It has been added to Article 44 under Part 4 in the Indian Constitution. It was implemented in the year 1876! But Goa is the only state which has adopted it so far. Indian constitution maker Dr. Bhim Rao Amedkar has written something like this about Uniform Civil Code!

Uniform Civil Code
Uniform Civil Code

Why does the country need a Uniform Civil Code?

Hot topics Why there is so much need for Uniform Civil Code! As you all are seeing, there are many controversies going on in the country regarding casteism. These disputes will end with the introduction of Uniform Civil Code. The main purpose of bringing this is to end the different laws made for different religions in the country! This will end it all!

Such as divorce, adoption, marriage, division of land and property, etc. are its important issues. If one law is made for all religions, the effect on the judiciary will be reduced. And hair lying for a long time, the case can be settled quickly and easily! With its implementation, there will be equality among people.

Benefits of Uniform Civil Code

  • If one law is made for all religions, the impact on the judiciary will be reduced.
  • Means the pending cases will be settled quickly!
  • With the coming of the Uniform Civil Code, there will be unity in the country and the society.
  • With this the country will progress on the path of progress.
  • The infighting going on in the issue like elections in the country will also end!
  • With the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, there will be a lot of improvement in the women of the country.

Conclusion – What is Uniform Civil Code? 

Friends, today you have been told about What is Uniform Civil Code in this post! Along with this, its advantages and disadvantages have also been told. I hope you have understood the given information. If you have any question, then you can ask by commenting in the comment section below!

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